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Ordo Noctis Eternae

Fascism and Satanism

There are a great many texts available, primarily by Satanists, that attempt to show that fascism of one sort or other is incompatible with Satanism. Methinks thou dost protest too much.

1. History of Satanist flirtation with fascism

Let's start with Anton Lavey and the Church of Satan. Although Lavey was 1/4th Jewish and his "Satanism" was little more than atheistic materialism playing dress-up, Lavey did flirt with Nazism.

a: In the Satanic Rituals,(Der Electrischen Vorspiele) Lavey mentions Ahnenerbe, Vril, and Thule Gesselschaft by name and talks briefly about connections to the old German lodges.

b: Lavey's Pentagonal Revisionism states:

1. Stratification;The point on which all the others ultimately rest. There can be no more myth of ;equality; for all;it only translates to; mediocrity; and supports the weak at the expense of the strong. Water must be allowed to seek its own level without interference from apologists for incompetence. No one should be protected from the effects of his own stupidity.

Lavey like most popular Satanists did try to distance himself from Fascism and seems to have engaged in it merely for shock value. The fact of his involvement still stands, however.

The same for Michael Aquino:

a: The Wewelsburg Working

b: the use of Germanic and Nazi mysticism within the Order of the Trapezoid

Again Aquino and his followers thoroughly denounce any involvement with or approval of Nazi ideology and do their best to distance themselves from it. Quite simply such groups like Nazism for the shock value and most likely feel an attraction to it but lack the spine to just come out and admit their tendencies.

Other groups do have have more of a spine:

The first of these was the Order of Nine Angles which is blatantly NS.

This was followed by Kerry Bolton's Black Order, Order of the Left Hand Path, Ordo Sinistra Vivendi.

These groups all saw National Socialism and Satanism as a means to an end rather than an end in themselves.

Then there is the Joy of Satan ministries, which is blatantly pro-Nazi yet strangely allows non-white members, and bases much of its ideas on the theories of a discredited Jew (Zecharia Sitchin).

Now comes the Ordo Noctis Eternae, the order presents a view of Satanism rooted in Gnosticism and interpreted via the theories of Julius Evola. Many of its views embrace Third Positionism and a spiritualized fascism and attempts to overcome the shortcomings of Nazism, Italian Fascism, and the Iron Guard.

2. The compatibility of Satanism and Fascism

Besides the obvious connections between Satanism and fascism, namely similar aesthetics, shared hatred of Judeochristianity and a hard militaristic outlook on life, the two actually are united by the one concept popular Satanism uses to distance itself from Fascism: the individual.

The problem these "mainstream" Satanists see is in viewing Fascism (wrongly) as "collectivist" and implying that individualism is in opposition to collectivism.

The reality is that these Satanists do not understand what an individual is.

Their definition of the individual is rooted in Enlightenment-era humanism which historically speaking is aberrant.

Tradition describes the individual in specific terms:

a. the Self is superior to and distinguished from the Ego.

b. the individual does not exist in isolation, he/she is a product of a specific people at a specific time at a specific point in its organic development

c. therefore the individual is tied to his people by a set of expectations and obligations that should be seen as a privilege not as a burden

d. the physical realm and spiritual realm are interrelated, (the holistic/organic view of reality) thus race and culture are relevant to discussions of spirituality

The problem starts with the confusion of the Ego for the Self, in reality all spiritual attainment requires the sacrifice of the Ego to the Self. The self you are now in a temporal sense is trivial in comparison to the eternal and timeless Self that you always are. Fascism demands precisely the sacrifice of the lower self into the higher so that the Self is transfigured, and is precisely why modern people (beyond just Satanists) can't understand it. In that sense Fascism is individualistic in a higher sense than the degenerate approach of democracy which atomizes each individual into an nth of a millionth of a faceless mass that denigrates the individual crushing him beneath the majority. Who controls the fascist state? An individual. Who controls a democracy? The mass. Who is individualist? the Fascist. Who is collectivist? the Democrat.