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Ordo Noctis Eternae

Zionist Proxies


by an ONE member:

Yesterday, April 28, 2008, was the 60th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel. It was also the 63rd anniversary of the death of SS Lt. General Hermann Fegelein, ordered shot by Hitler in the garden above the bunker in immediate retaliation for Heinrich Himmlers betrayal in having sought private negotiations with the Allies, including an offer to surrender to General Eisenhower. Such a coincidence of anniversaries might well prompt one to consider the significant role of the scapegoat the magical proxy in occult interpretations of the National Socialist strategy and ethos.

It is well known that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are a forgery originally perpetrated by the Tsarist secret police in France as part of a complex plot designed to discredit a particular foreign minister; considering the likelihood that Dr. Goebbels was also aware of the dubious provenance of the Protocols, as well as the ambivalent relationship of the Party to early Zionist agendas, the modern National Socialist would do well to contemplate the nuances of the propagandistic diabolization of the Jews.

Despite its vast application in motivating the herd, most occultists are probably already aware that cosmological dualism is a blunt aeonic tool which gives few rewards in terms of magical power to anyone who actually believes in it (while the rewards of inflicting it upon ones pawns can be great, if temporary). The diabolization of Jewry, then, can only be either an aeonic error, or a means of deliberately transferring power into a scapegoat figure for the purpose of binding or controlling it. Let us take as an example the so called Magen David, more properly the Seal of Solomon, since its use in the Judaeo-Christian west has been, in all the centuries prior to the advent of Zionism, magical and neither political nor religious. Although in a few instances it has appeared as signifying Jewry, this has always been due to its specific occult associations primarily. In the ancient Classical synagogue at Capernaum, it was no more prominent than that other now-politically-charged symbol, the Swastika. Thus, to diabolize this particular symbol or those it symbolizes is in fact to diabolize a symbol with a long history of magical applications. Now, if its only magical applications were, in fact, Qabalistic ones, this might be justified especially if it could be demonstrated that any elements of the Jewish Qabalah are actually original creations of its transmitters. However, neither can be shown to be the case; indeed, even haphazard research will demonstrate the contrary. All the symbols and magical content of both Judaism and the Jewish Qabalah, without exception, are borrowings from other archaic cultures and civilizations. The particular symbol of the hexagram can be traced to timeless antiquity into ancient Vedic, if not pre-Vedic, India, and within the Tantric yoga systems symbolizes the solar/venusian heart chakra, as well as the union of opposites (generally male and female, fire and water, etc.) Thus, in terms of Aryan occultism, the symbol is as holy as the swastika. Why, then, considering their thorough interest in ancient Aryan symbolism and mythology (regardless of the extent to which actual occultism was studied or practiced by the historical National Socialists), would such a sign have been blithely applied to people who were regarded as being either corrupt, evil, or both? The use of distinctive badges or clothing identifying minority religious groups (both Christians and Jews) seems to have originated in the 8th century Islamic world, and was not practiced with reference to Jews in Europe until the 13th century. The hexagram was never used for this purpose until National Socialist Germany. Even then, the use was not consistent; in some cases, a white armband, rather than the yellow star, was used. Nevertheless, what was once an ancient Aryan solar symbol of the unity-of-opposites has now become iconic of the most un-Aryan of peoples and only thanks to the deliberate complicity of the National Socialist regime in endorsing the identification of the whole of Jewry with the occult beliefs of what has always been a minority of power-obsessed Jewish qabalists. What can this mean? And how might the modern occultist utilize this peculiar transformation of symbolic meaning for aeonic purposes, along with the now fully antinomian significance of the once-innocuous swastika?

I suggest that the magical and strategic application of this ironic condition of symbolic reversal is best understood by considering the relationship of the National Socialists to early Zionism, as well as the ambivalent role played by modern Zionism in being at once a secular, Western, imperialist, fascist movement, and simultaneously a fulfilment of the ancient purpose of Yahweh as a Jewish war-god. The apparent paradox, when resolved, demonstrates that National Socialism is free from dualism, and also liberates its magical practitioners from being forced to believe in their own propaganda. Simultaneously, it allows the reclamation of all occult symbolism and all political agendas as potential tools in the aeonic arsenal of the National Socialist. Finally, it allows for the possibility that even Israeli Jews can be intelligently recruited and radicalized, as has recently been demonstrated by the presence of young Israeli neo-Nazis who have entered Israel under the Right of Return. Ultimately, such an analysis also offers some insight into the tension between political National Socialism and the occult National Socialism of Himmlers SS, a tension which was never fully resolved during the war and which resulted in the unfortunate (but, I argue, necessary) sacrifice of Lt. General Fegelein. Such a sacrifice, I will demonstrate in this brief essay, is a more extreme, and more sinister, version of the same principle by which the rune magician Marby was executed for his lack of patriotism and seditious misuse of traditional Germanic beliefs.

Considering Himmler’s positive view of Islam, and the modern research done by such scholars as MacDonald, National Socialism should probably be viewed as the latest in a long line of Aryan attempts to somehow utilize the aeonic power of collectivism for the benefit of a primarily individualistic Western society. In order for this to be accomplished, the influence of Jewish culture (promoting disintegrating individualism in its hosts along with moral universalism, easily exploited by the individualistic policies of each Jew who nevertheless collectivistically identifies with the welfare of the whole tribe under threat; that is, the ethics of a successful criminal [or magical!] conspiracy) must be thoroughly countered. Islamic culture has little difficulty in this regard due to lacking any significant degree of individualism for the Jew to exploit; it also, therefore, has no individualism to protect. Nevertheless, its tactics are extraordinarily useful for dealing with dissident religious minorities, and the ethnic disparity with Jews may be insufficient to have warranted the development of racialist aeonics within universalistic Islamic culture. As the Catholic Church discovered to its great frustration, however, the European scenario is distinctly different due to racial and cultural disparity between Europeans and Jews. It should be apparent to the European magician, however, that strictly in terms of magical and aeonic effectiveness, the Jewish strategy is ideal not only for cultural parasitism and survival, but also for occult power: the ultra-individualism of most would-be Aryan Supermen does not lend itself to focused cultural evolution nor to defence against the incursions of collectivist cultures with dominant genotypes. However, collectivism as such makes for poor magical development. This presents the Aryan magician with a peculiar problem which implies its own solution: He must establish a symbiotic relationship to his own society taken as a collective. Such condition can never admit into the Aryan culture a foreign group already surviving through the practice of such a principle – but can be easily created by demonizing and vilifying such a group. However, should the Aryan magician himself actually belief in the demonization, he will fall into the same collectivist trap as any Muslim, protected from total universalism only by his racism, and therefore likely to sacrifice his own magical power and authority to those even more racially pure than he, although mundane. It seems particularly appropriate, then, that the “Jew” within such a collectivized, racialist Aryan society ought to bear the talismanic signifier of solar magical power and the union of opposites the very force of egocentric, golden yogic power, the mysticism of Mammon, the exchange of alchemical wealth, the love of wealth, and wealth of love which the Aryan magician must sacrifice in order to turn toward the Black Sun of the nigredo, and thence escape from all Union-in-Duality in favour of Identity-in-Difference, the total, totalitarian uniquely of the Black Star of pure Will. Thus, the Aryan magician ought not to regard the Jew as a demon, a devil, or a villain, but should instead regard the Jew as actually embodying the secret ingredient necessary for the homeopathic immunization of Aryan society against the extremes of collectivism and individualism. The Jew, then, for the Aryan sorcerer, becomes the ultimate scapegoat, the ultimate sacrifice, fuelling an alchemical Holocaust the result of which is to refine the sorcerer into an immortal Superman. The Jew is purged so that the Aryan magician does not have to be. Indeed, one might see the historical roots of such an aeonic alchemy stretching all the way back to the very creation of the Hebrew religion in ancient Mesopotamia: surely the Aryan magician must either deny the existence of YHVH outright, or presume it to be a particular function of the Sovereign Gods of the Aeon? To believe otherwise is to fall into cosmological and moral dualism in which YHVH is the devil: a belief trap fine for the crypto-Zoroastrian shock troops of the National Socialist army, but a poor mythology indeed for the sorcerer who aspires to independent, self-willed immortality.

A similar process may be seen occurring within the National Socialist ethos itself. It is historically irrefutable that, whatever magical, occult, or aeonic forces may have motivated the National Socialist rise to power, or ridden along with its current, the main machinery of the State was not only keen to eliminate all rivalry in the form of secret societies and overly individualistic magicians who would not cooperate with its collectivization of the culture, but it held formal occultism in particular contempt, and would have considered all forms of intra-Aryan magical elitism to be just as seditious as the individualism of runemasters like Marby. This left sincere occultists such as Himmler in an awkward position, particularly in that by almost all accounts, Himmler was a sincere and devoted National Socialist who loved the Fuhrer as well as the State. Ultimately, when forced to choose between aeonic strategy and the State, he chose the former. The fact that such a choice even arose indicates a deep discord and flaw within the National Socialist ethos as previously manifest; correcting this flaw must be considered a primary task of every modern National Socialist magician. The attitude that the magician ought to simply subvert the Ethos from within and use it for personal power is, to put it equally simply, a Jewish strategy. This does not by definition make it a bad one, but it does suggest that since the Ethos itself is already designed to process Jews as sacrifices rather than enemies such a magician ultimately must sacrifice himself entirely to the Ethos in return for all the power he has stolen from it temporarily. This would seem to be a bad pact, although probably a very effective one. On the other hand, the attitude that the Leaders final condemnation of all dissent (particularly dissent originating from an occultically influenced Himmler) implies that occultism and magic themselves are un-Aryan strategies which should be wholly abandoned in favour of a National Socialist religion, is while probably correct from the perspective of aeonics not something any adept is actually going to participate in. This problem can only be solved by understanding the Leaders wisdom in executing Himmlers proxy in the bunker. Through this divinely far-sighted act, Hitler provided all subsequent Aryan magicians with a formula by which assuming they are equally far-sighted they can avoid Himmlers error and fate.

This formula is the formula of the sacrificial proxy, whereby the magician deliberately balances out all personal individualism through literally projecting the internal Jew into some other person, object, project, organization, symbol, or the like, which can at an opportune time be sacrificed for the needs of the Ethos. In this sense, the Aryan sorcerer achieves dynamic equilibrium between the poles of evil individualism and good collectivism an equilibrium already achieved by the Jews, but only for the benefit of their own parasitic tribe. He becomes, in this sense, not a black Jesuit like Himmler, but a black Jew, with all the ruthless power of an amoral, Qabalistically-patterned child of YHVH, without any of the parasitic detriments of lacking an authentic and organic blood-gnosis. The formula might be further understood by contemplating the pact of blood-brotherhood between Odin as supreme sovereign Leader of the Folk, and Loki, as supreme magician, bound but not slain until Ragnarok and the release of the armies of Surt: who yet fail to destroy Balder, Odins son, bright as Loki, eventually to cast forth Mephistopheles as his shadow across Christian Europe: a civilization itself empowered by the aeonic sacrifice of the ultimate scapegoat, who as the Gnostic Christ transcends and escapes the duality of Aryan and Jew only for his shadow Jesus to be crucified between them, equally the pure Aryan victim of (archontic) Jewish bloodlust and the Jewish criminal justly executed by the (archontic) Roman state. (If the Gnostic Christ is the ultimate mystical Superman, the Crucified Jesus is surely the mystical Underman; both to be aptly compared with the Luciferian Aryan magical Superman, and the Satanic Jewish magical Underman.)

As long as the magical patterns of the Ethos are respected, this type of formula should work for any sorcerer inclined to participate in its aeonic agenda. This, of course, brings us back to the consideration of the role of Zionism and Israel in the aeonic strategy of the Ethos. Despite modern propaganda to the contrary, most Europeans originally supporting Zionism did so out of the naive belief that a Jewish state would mean that all the Jews would actually go and live there. Whether or not the National Socialists were so naive remains an open question, but surely given the power to do so, they would have forced that issue in a way that other European powers would not have dared. From the perspective of an individual aeonist, the viability of a Jewish state in the form of Israel is a moot point: it must either be opposed, accepted, or used. To agitate for its destruction is still a form of use, since as demonstrated above, a Jewish race makes for a very useful enemy, aeonically speaking (as it forces the individualist Aryans to unite against potentially more dominant genetic adversaries; consider the ethnic disaster that is India today, for a contrast). Accepting the Israeli state in its current form is merely aeonic surrender and unworthy of further consideration. Thus, assuming that the successful and consistent pursuit of its destruction is impossible or unviable, how else might the Israeli state be used? I ask this question particularly in reference to the possibility that increasing numbers of Israeli Jews might become, or wish to become, National Socialists. Obviously some of these people might be magicians. What are they to do, other than shoot themselves, hang themselves, or gas themselves in despair? I would suggest that secular Zionism is actually the form of National Socialism most suitable to application by Israeli occultists. Before this notion is laughed to scorn as inspired by too many bad Christian conspiracist videos on YouTube, consider that its primary symbol, the Hexagram, is of indisputably Aryan provenance. Consider further that the entire post-Babylonian Jewish cosmology is in fact a particular reading of Aryan dualism as received from the Zoroastrians. Consider finally that secular Zionism is considered baneful by religious Jews and that it is basically fascist in nature. This argument can be taken even further, by suggesting the proposition that mischlings (or even Gentiles) within Israel actually stand to benefit from its potential function as a modern crusader state. The aeonic influences of such Jewish propaganda as the Da Vinci code and its ilk, can fairly easily be reversed in a pro-European direction, as a look at the mythos surrounding the Cross of Lorraine, the pro-Vichy Priory of Zion, and so forth, will demonstrate. (And as I might be disposed to explicate in a different, better, longer, and more well-sourced essay subsequent to these off-the-cuff remarks). Such a paradigm, if carefully constructed, could even approach manifestation as an Aryan Zionism which might be capable of stemming the tide of Islam. This is, of course, not actually an argument for the success or propagation of mundane, crypto-racist, Zionism as generally practiced by most Israeli Jews. Surely the mundane population of Israel (and world Jewry as a whole) is fit only for the aeonic function it has always served since its inception. Instead of being drawn into Zionist politics, the Ashkenazic National Socialist sorcerer is better served through either Cainite or Sethian gnosis (in the case of antinomian Jews and mischlinge respectively), or an appropriately diabolical or Satanic Platonism; and the Sephardic sorcerer better suited to an NS application of some Qabalah or Cabala (presumably a Christian one, for mischlinge of Sephardic extraction). Nevertheless, neither of these options is particularly acceptable for the already totalitarian Israeli Jew, whose entire background and constitution has more in common with Europeans in cultural terms than with hir parasitic, stateless Jewish peers, and who, in hir secularism, is even less likely to be significantly magically inspired by the archaic complications of Christo-Satanic (or Satano-Christian) gnosis in its various forms. Indeed, even if it should be the case that such magical Zionists prove to ultimately become foes and adversaries of the rest of the worlds National Socialists what better and worthier foes, what potent sacrifices, they will make, in comparison to yet more avatars of victimhood, whose poisonous blood only serves to further corrupt all races as thoroughly when spilled as when propagated. Better an honest, fascist, even Satanic Zionism, than more innocent victims whose deaths defile the honor of Aryandom and feed the demonic forces of the universalist, humanitarian counter-initiation, as readily as they feed the fires of Lucifer.

Or perhaps by saying so I am simply conjuring for myself: more proxies.

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