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Ordo Noctis Eternae

ONE: A Doctrinal Overview

A simple but systematic overview of ONE ideology.

Regarding Satan and Satanism

The Ordo Noctis Eternae believes:

1. that Satan is a real spiritual presence, not a mere idea.

2. that Satan should be identified with the Gnostic Christ, the Logos, and Ophidian Serpent bringing salvation here defined as the experiential knowledge or "Gnosis" of the spiritual realm

3. that Satanism developed from Gnostic teachings and achieved its final form in response to Christian oppression

4. that Gnosticism is the original Christianity and the logical culmination of Indo-European pagan spirituality and philosophy.

5. that ironically Gnostic Satanism is a truer Christianity than what currently passes for it.

Regarding the World

The Ordo Noctis Eternae believes:

1. that time is cyclic not linear

2. that every act of creation is also an act of destruction

3. that there are two fundamental planes of existence: spiritual/acausal and physical/causal

4. that behind all opposing dualities lies a transcendent singularity

5. that the spiritual realm is superior to the material in so far as it provides the material with life and meaning, thus the material exists as a sign and symbol pointing to spiritual reality, this is the means whereby apparent duality is destroyed

6. that there is no fundamental opposition between the physical and spiritual realms, such apparent opposition is a result of ignorance and ignorance is the root of all evil which can only be overcome via the Gnosis of Satan

Regarding the Individual

1. that religion is defined as an individual's basic beliefs about reality and that politics is the expression of belief within the realm of action, thus all action is political action

2. that the individual is a being containing a fundamental spiritual potential unique to itself but sharing similar characteristics to others within its natural group

3. that all races, cultures, and nations are living organisms knowing a birth, life, and death, and that essentially race, culture, nationality, etc. are extensions of the Self to other levels

4. that the individual is a product of a specific people at a specific point in its lifespan and is therefore endowed with certain obligations to that people, hence the codes of conduct and customs that define that people as a people

5. that each individual is absolutely unique and therefore there can be no equality between anyone

6. that society in its healthy and natural state exists as a hierarchy wherein those with the highest levels of spiritual potentialities rule those below them; all true authority is thus rooted in the spiritual (from above) rather than in the physical (from below),

7. that spiritual authority is the only legitimate authority; all else arises from ignorance and should be destroyed

8. that only the individual who has attained Gnosis is truly free, and all actions taken by such an individual are acceptable in so far as they are in accordance with that Gnosis, thus morality is based on practical spiritual knowledge not on blind belief or faith in texts, or arbitrary opinions.