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Ordo Noctis Eternae




Anyone who believes themselves worthy and in agreement with our ideals may found an ONE Coven, if you desire official recognition of such you may contact the current Grandmaster.

The ONE is oriented toward a specifically European spirituality, as such being of Caucasian descent is required as a qualification of membership. This is not racist, nor is it intended to be but a recognition of the fact of differences between people and of differences in the spiritual needs of different cultures.

The ONE requires prospective members to be in full agreement with its teachings and expects individuals to be of high ethical character. It further expects every member to either start a Coven or join an existing one.

If you believe you qualify you may join our Yahoo group, which does not make you a member but does put you in contact with us. You will be required to fill out an application for group membership. You will not be approved at all if you do not fill it out.

ONE Yahoo Group