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Ordo Noctis Eternae

ONE Charter


1.The Order shall be known as Ordo Noctis Eternae

2. The Order professes and lives according to the doctrine of the Aryan Satanist Creed:

I believe in Lucifer, patron god of the Aryan folk,

son of the unknowable Father from whom all the gods of my folk derive,

I acknowledge the Gnosis embodied and given forth by

Lucifer for the salvation from ignorance that breeds dishonor.

I will act at every moment according to the principles of Chivalry,

and affirm Tradition in defiance of the Jehovian demiurge.

So it must be.

It further promotes the ideals of Gnosticism, Traditionalism, NS mysticism, etc as expressions of the spiritual heritage of the West, and uses texts associated with such subjects in its teachings.

3. The Order shall be organized in a largely decentralized fashion, consisting of local offline Covens. Each Coven should consist of a priest who should be the most knowledgeable and experienced member, and a number of followers. They should meet periodically to perform rituals, discuss issues relating to the order,

and support each other as brothers and sisters of the Left Hand Path.

a: The Order's Grandmaster acts as a figurehead and example for all Order members, directs the ideological development of the Order, and is the only one who may recognize a Coven as a legitimate member of the Order.

b: Priests are operational directors for individual Covens.

4. Every member is expected to conduct themselves according to the principles of Chivalry and to take all relevant oaths. Violators may be sanctioned or expelled depending on the severity of the infraction. This is conducted both at the local and universal levels of the organization.

5. The Order is designed to exist ad infinitum, it cannot be disbanded or rendered defunct, in the absence of a grandmaster authority falls to the local Covens.

6. The Order's symbol is the twelve-rayed Schwarze Sonne, for rituals priests should wear black robes tied at the waist by a red chord.

7. Members must take the following oath derived from that taken by the Romanian Iron Guard:


1. To live in poverty, destroying in ourselves any desire for material enrichment.

2. To live a hard, severe life, putting aside luxury and surfeit.

3. To avoid any attempt to exploit any man.

4. To make permanent sacrifices for our country.

5. To defend the Ordo Noctis Eternae and the path of Aryan Satanism it represents with all our strength, against everything which could lead it into the path of compromise; or against anything which might even lower its moral standards.