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Ordo Noctis Eternae

Right Hand vs. Left Hand

There is today a great deal of confusion regarding the nature of the so-called Left Hand Path and its relationship to its polar opposite the Right Hand Path.
In the strictest sense the Left Hand Path is an approach to spiritual development characterized by action, as in one actively pursues the goal of divinity by confronting causal existence directly through extreme experiences. This confrontation has the nature of a kind of heroic test whereby the individual is stripped of falsehood, extraneous attachments are burned away, the Self as God is exposed in a violent fashion and held up in triumph. At one time this was the dominant approach to spirituality in Europe and is the type most appropriate to the spiritual needs of Westerners.
The Right Hand Path is characterized by contemplation, by a withdrawal from causal existence to a higher plane through the gradual denial of the causal Self until Godhood is achieved and held up also in triumph. This spirituality was traditionally predominant in the East and is appropriate for the Asiatic constitution.
It must be noted that the goal of each path is the same: union with the Divine. the problem arises when individuals here in the Dark Age ignorantly claim that there is an opposition between the two paths. The difference is merely one of approach and ideally members of one path should have nothing but respect for members of the other.
This is not the case due to the imposition of a distorted imitation of the Right Hand Path (Judeo-Christianity) onto a people who's nature is more inclined to the Left Hand. The natural inclination as the old falsehood begins to lose its grip is for Left Hand Path'ers to demonize the Right Hand in general, this is just as bad as the demonizing of the Left by the false Right.
This problem can and should be corrected. First, the end of the false approach to the Right Hand must be destroyed. Second, the opposition between Left and Right must end, and thirdly this must be accompanied by the reinstitution of the dominance of the Left Hand Path amongst European peoples.