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Ordo Noctis Eternae

What is Aryan Satanism?

Many people who hear the name Aryan automatically assume all sorts of ignorant ideas mainly created by post-WW2 propaganda. Our use of the term however returns the term to its earliest roots, Aryan is from a Sanskrit word meaning roughly "Noble" it meant an individual of the Brahman or Kshatriya caste of ancient India and to the citizenry of early Iran(the name Iran is derived from Aryan). It later became a self designation for all Indo-European peoples.

What is crucial to understand is that Aryan is first a spiritual concept and a genetic designation only secondarily. In fact originally even being born physically to a high caste did not make one Aryan. One also had to be spiritually reborn- thus ancient references to the "twice-born."

The Ordo Noctis Eternae uses the term Aryan Satanism to describe its beliefs because, although our approach is "dark" it is also positive and Noble. We commit to and pride ourselves on our commitment to Chivalrous action and denounce all false orders and satanic churches that teach a pathetic and self-destructive "spirituality" or that would dabble in "New Age-y" nonsense, pointless mystical abstraction, nature-worship, or pantheism.

Our Order looks forward, beyond the death of nihilism, to a rebirth of authentic Tradition. You are welcome to join us ,if you believe yourself worthy.