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Ordo Noctis Eternae

Joy of Fanaticism and Militant Satanism

It is truly humorous and also a little saddening the way the American people react to Islamic "terrorism." The attacks on 9/11 were quickly denounced as the height of cowardice, we are told of how despicable suicide bombings are, and we absolutely detest something we call "fanaticism."
It is fanaticism and the modern hatred for it that I will address here not the political ignorance and hypocrisy that started this mess. It is symptomatic of our people's decline when we no longer believe in anything strongly enough to kill or be killed for. I wonder if the "founding fathers" that America holds in godlike awe were to be alive and active today what they would say, what would they think? Would we denounce them as "fanatics" when they gave their lives for beliefs they pursued with unwavering conviction would we call them insane? When they commited what we now call "war crimes" were they engaging in the height of cowardice?
Now certainly some would read this and be appalled that I would dare to compare the self-sacrifice of the Revolution with the self-sacrifice of Islamic militants, but the reality is that although the ideology may be radically different the fervor is identical. It is this same fervor that has built civilizations, that provided Christianity with its foundation: "the blood of martyrs," that has allowed every single scientific achievement no matter how profane and misguided. Fanaticism is not the problem, ideology is. Always has been, always will be. It is ideas that inspire the fanatic in the first place. Ideas that unite people. Drastic beliefs bring drastic actions, drastic actions bring drastic results.
Modern America denounces fanaticism because it fears what it cannot understand. The American people don't understand because in a society that champions mediocrity and the supremacy of quantity people do not feel anything strongly enough to give their lives for.

Now we come to the issue of militant Satanism. If we as Satanists wish to see the end of Judeo-Christianity and its deathgrip on the minds of our people then there is only one path: fanaticism. If we believe that the mysteries of Satan represent a Transcendent truth and we would stand up for that truth over and above the filth of modern society, there is only one path: fanaticism. If we desire and truly believe in Satanic ideals of elitism and strength, there is only one path: fanaticism. To those who would seek to legitimize or tame the power of Satan and make it acceptable thus betraying its very foundations: you are just one more enemy. To all those who hear the call to arms, there is only one path: TOTAL WAR!