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Ordo Noctis Eternae

Satanic Holy War

Blood of Martyrs: Satanic Holy War

What is truly sad about the state of Satanism today is that it has become so full of mediocre people, people who stand for nothing, who die for nothing. This is a direct consequence of the popularizing and watering-down process initiated by folks like Lavey. Where is Satan's army? Where are his martyrs? Who has sacrificed for him? Who will bleed for him?
The true individual expresses his convictions through action. Within the Ordo Noctis Eternae there is really only one true and ultimate ritual: Satanic Holy War. The path of Satanic Holy War is the path of spiritual action, of the expression of a spiritual ideal onto the material realm. Satanic Warriors take the cause of Satan seriously, they takes it as their own, they blame no one else, they do not fear consequences, they court them. They decide upon and commit those acts that they believe are necessary.
Their enemies can harm the body but Satan's chosen cannot truly be touched. And if their bodies are destroyed then they will march to Hell triumphant and feast like kings in the halls of Pandemonium. For Hell is our Valhalla, Armaggeddon our Ragnarök, and Lucifer our Savior!
Now who amongst you hears the call to arms? The call to Satanic Holy War?

Ave Satanas!